Real Estate Professionals

We are looking for Hard Working Real Estate Professionals to Advertise our land to buyers in their Country.

All Foreign buyers can purchase our land!

Our land will sell itself! Prices are extremely low and the areas are very nice!

Our land is priced from $14,900 to $40,000 per lot!

Caring costs per year is only around $400 for taxes.

All our land is build able now but there is no time frame to build. You can build now or never.

A nice home with two car garage can be built on these lots for around $400,000.

We have been in business sell land on the West Coast of Florida since 1998.

We have zero complaints in 26 years and offer the highest and best customer service!

We will be available for any questions your clients have about the land by email, text or WhatsApp.

The process for your clients to purchase our land is simple:

  • We require a $2000 deposit to take the land off the market. Your client can use a credit card online to pay the deposit.
  • The closing would take place in 15 days using a Florida Title Company.
  • Your client will receive title insurance guaranteeing clear title.
  • Your client will bank transfer the balance for the land directly to the title company.

This is how the selling process works:

  • Register your client with us so we have your buyer on record if they contact us directly.
  • Have your client look over our website showing our available land.
  • Once your client decides on a lot, We will email them and you an invoice so they can pay the deposit online.
  • Once we receive the deposit, we would email you the sales agreement for the buyer to sign.
  • We would forward the signed agreement to the title company so they can start their work.
  • The title company would email you directly letting you know they are working on the transaction.
  • Within 15 days, the title company would email you the closing papers and bank transfer information for your client.
  • It would be your choice for the title company to pay your advertising out of the proceeds or we can bank transfer you your advertising directly.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime:

Scott Rand

Prime Florida Land Corp.

[email protected]

954-766-3749 phone and text

WhatsApp 1(954) 766-3749