All foreign buyers can legally purchase land from us.

Land is the better real estate investment for buyers not located in the area. No upkeep or renters to worry about!

There is no time frame to build, you can build now or never. The lots are build able now, which is very important when purchasing land. Never purchase land that cannot be built on now.

You do not need to worry about having a clear title. You will be receiving title insurance from the title company that handles the transaction closing. Title insurance guarantees that there are no liens when you take title on the land.

The only fees are the yearly association fee of $85.00 and the yearly property taxes of around $350.00. These are the only fees you would pay per year.

Absolutely, you can use any licensed builder to build your home. There are many builders in the area to choose from.

No mobile homes or prefab homes are allowed in this area.

To view the process to purchase our land please go to our “How to Buy” page.